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Sabrina teaches private lessons just outside of Boston, in her home in Winchester, Massachusetts.


Private lessons are one-on-one intensive class sessions designed for individuals who speak and understand Italian at any level from beginners to advanced. The classes are tailored to each individual and his or her specific needs.


A textbook is used and homework assignments are given. Each class is a combination of casual conversation and grammar. To be successful, a language learner must have an understanding of the structure of the language. Sabrina's philosophy is that while working hard is a must, learning is achieved in an atmosphere of fun, where a laugh always comes first!


The fee is $115 for one-hour private lesson and $195 for a two-hour lesson. Two-hour lessons are highly recommended. You must commit to a block of 10 lessons. However, you have the option of taking a free introductory 1/2 hour lesson before committing to them. I will reserve your block of 10 lessons upon your full payment of the tuition, which is non-refundable.



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