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Sabrina teaches group lessons just outside of Boston, in her home in Winchester, Massachusetts. The class size is small with a maximum of six students. 


Group classes are designed for individuals who speak and understand Italian at any level. Each group includes people of approximately the same level of proficiency.


A textbook is used and homework assignments are given. Each class is a combination of casual conversation and grammar. To be successful a language learner must have an understanding of the structure of the language. Sabrina's philosophy is that while working hard is a must, learning is achieved in an atmosphere of fun, where a laugh always come first!


Group lessons are taught in blocks of ten classes. The fee per-student is $650 with four to six people. Groups occasionally are formed with fewer than four students. When this is the case, the per-student fee is higher depending on the number of enrollees. I will reserve your place in the class upon your full payment of the tuition, which is non- refundable. No refunds are given for missed classes.

The check should be made out to Sabrina Amadei and mailed to 1 Nassau Drive, Winchester, Ma. 01890.

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